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Future Shine Music

Featured on the Wilmington Ale Trail and at farmers markets, restaurants and festivals throughout southeastern NC! Entertaining Wilmington with solo, duo and full band funky folk rock performances for more than 16 years.



Growing up as the official 'roadie' of his father Jerry Herbert, Mark Herbert has been making music as long as he can remember.  Since 2003, Herbert's Wilmington-based bands have written, produced and performed songs across a range of genres, a reflection of the diverse talent he has teamed up with: Ben Morrow (Future Shine Music), David Hervey, Harry Patterson, Perry Smith, Jerry Herber, Eduardo Somech, Dianna Zaccaria and Nick Simon.  Herbert's wife, Laurel, is a teacher and ceramicist at PortCityArt.com, and together they have two children.


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Brooklyn Arts Center, Cameron Art Museum, Waterline Brewing Co., Waterman's Brewing Company, Leaf & Barrel Provision Company, Pilot House Restaurant , Elijah's Carolina Beach Farmers Market, Poplar Grove Farmers Market and many more...


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